How To Take GiantEagleListens Survey

Giant Eagle’s Listens Survey is an endeavor to obtain consumer feedback on their shopping experiences. This input is critical for the company’s ability to enhance service quality and successfully meet consumer expectations.

Participants in the survey get the chance to express their thoughts and comments directly with management, which helps Giant Eagle improve their shops and services.

What is the Giant Eagle Listens Survey?

The Giant Eagle Listens Survey is a feedback instrument used by Giant Eagle, a supermarket company, to gather consumer input on their shopping experiences. Customers who have made a purchase may take the survey by entering the code displayed on their receipt.

Giant Eagle Listens Survey

The poll aims to better understand consumer satisfaction and generate recommendations for improvement. Participants may complete the survey online and may earn prizes such as discounts or added privileges.

Participation Requirements and Guidelines

Here are the participation requirements and guidelines for the Giant Eagle Listens Survey:

  • Eligibility: Must be a U.S. resident and 18 or older. Giant Eagle employees and their families cannot participate.
  • Receipt: You need a recent Giant Eagle receipt with a survey code to enter.
  • Time Limit: Complete the survey within seven days of your purchase for your feedback to count.
  • Entries: Each receipt is valid for one survey entry. More purchases mean more entries.
  • Internet: You need an internet connection to access the survey online.
  • Language: The survey is available in English and Spanish. Basic understanding of these languages is needed.
  • Rewards: After finishing the survey, you might get bonus perks for discounts on future purchases at Giant Eagle.

Take Giant Eagle Listens Survey At

To take the Giant Eagle Listens Survey, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Website:

Step 2: Enter the Survey Code:

  • Find the 21-digit survey code on your Giant Eagle receipt and enter it on the website.
Giant Eagle Listens Survey

Step 3: Select Language:

  • Choose between English or Spanish to proceed with the survey.

Step 4: Click “Start” option:

  • Then, click on the “Start” button.

Step 5: Answer Questions:

  • Respond to the survey questions based on your recent shopping experience at Giant Eagle.
Giant Eagle Listens Survey

Step 6: Provide Contact Information:

  • Enter your contact details if you wish to receive rewards or enter into sweepstakes (if available).

Step 7: Submit the Survey:

  • Review your answers and click the submit button to complete the survey.

Survey Rewards and Incentives

Participants get compensation for their time and input. Customers who complete the survey get 10 additional benefits, which can be applied for discounts on future purchases. Get gasoline rewards and up to 20% off supermarket purchases with SoLoyal, Giant Eagle, and curvesinformation.

Final Thoughts

Taking the Giant Eagle Listens Survey not only benefits the firm, but also allows consumers to share their experiences and make future shopping trips more enjoyable. Customers who participate help shape the quality of service at Giant Eagle and get incentives that add value to their shopping experience.


Q1. Where do I find the survey code?

Ans: The survey code is located on your Giant Eagle receipt.

Q2. What is the time limit to take the survey after my purchase?

Ans: You have seven days from the time of purchase to complete the survey.

Q3. Can I take the survey without a purchase?

Ans: No, a valid receipt with a survey invitation is required to participate.

Q4. What rewards can I receive for completing the survey?

Ans: Participants may receive bonus perks that can be used for discounts on future purchases.

Q5. Is the survey available in multiple languages?

Ans: Yes, the survey can be completed in English or Spanish.